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Canadian ODA and Development in Canada

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International Development
INTD 200
Karen Mc Allister

Canadian ODA and Development in Canada Official Development Assistance - ODA: def made by Development Assistance Committee (DAC) - Grants or loans to developing nats + multilateral agencies active in development that are undertaken by the official sector at concessional financial terms with the goal of the promotion of econ devel + welfare as main objective - Can be in cash, kind (food/equipment), or expertise - Includes technical cooperation but does not inclu loans/credit for mili purposes - Nor does it inclu contribs made by private sector (NGOs, churches, unions, etc.) - ODA distinct fr/foreign aid/internat assistance in Cda - Cda has International Assistance Envelope includes ODA but also inclu other things that are internat aid/but not ODA (ex: debt relief, assistance + settlement of refugees, mili aid) - Goal of 0.7% of GDP for ODA est 1969 (Lester Pearson) - Still internat target for all developed nats (target reaffirmed 2002) - Cda almost reached 0.7% 1975/75 when got to 0.5%, but then started to drop - S/nats have set targets for reaching 0.7%  All states EU will take steps to reach target by 2015 (s/nats already reached)  Other nats in DAC have not set a time table - Always a poli struggle, ppl argue that charity should start @home - Answer: have to do both - If want internat stability, peace, prevent massive waves immig/refugees, have to take care of poor @home + internationally - 1 development assistance in Cda 1950: Columbo Plan (Commonwealth Plan) - Help nats in S + SE Asia - Implemented by technical cooperation service of Dept of Trade + Commerce - 1958: Cda set up Econ Technical Assistance Branch (in Dept of Trade + Commerce) - Only in 1961 that they set up an external aid office in Dept of External Affairs - 1958: extended internat aid to Carrib + African nats (also in conjunct w/Commonwealth) - 1961: sent aid to Francophone Afr through Association of Francophonie Nats - 1963: extended aid to Lat Am - 1961: started to deliver external aid through indepen NGOs (ex: CUSO Cdn Uni Service Overseas) - 1968: Cdn Council for Internat Coopation (CCIC) brought together all NGOs doing internat assistance - 1970: Internat Development + Research Centre (IDRC) - Provides grants to NGOs, universities doing research on internat devel issues Canadian International Development Agency (1968) - CIDA: President reports Minister reports Parli (subcommittee Foreign Affairs deals w/internat devel) - Work mainly carried out independently (still work in accordance to gov guidelines) - ODA can be either multilateral or bilateral - Bilateral: Cda decides to focus aid in certain nats  CIDA will work in collab w/other parts of gov - Multilateral: give aid to UN bodies working in internat devel (ex: UNDP, FAO) - ¾ of CIDA’s budget for ODA, other ¼ for internat assistance that’s not ODA - In recent years, bilateral aid has declined in relation to multilateral aid  Recommended b/c s/times academics, consultants feel bilateral aid
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