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Lecture 4

ISLA 210 Lecture 4: Discussion.Umar and the Men

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McGill University
Islamic Studies
ISLA 210
Malek Abisaab

Discussion Oct. 18, 2017 1. What was Islams position on slavery? How was slavery able to persist despite the Prophets egalitarian message? Islam was against slavery equality of all believers huge economic interests involved in slavery humanitarian vs economical islamic slavery and americas slavery: americas was more brutal, slaves were objectified another was a racial aspect (antiblackness), while in islamic slavery, slaves could come out of slavery 2. What was the position of Prophet Muhammad on violence against women? Moral aspect but didnt reprimand when violence was used Islam condemns all forms of violence against women. The basic Islamic premise of equality between women and men cannot be achieved so long as violence against women persists. In preIslamicArabia violence against women began at birth in the form of female infanticide. Islam prohibited the practice of female infanticide. Not only did the Quran prohibit this practice, it also mocks those who view the birth of a girl child with contempt. Another common form of violence against women is that committed by husbands on their wives. Islam requires that husbands treat their wives with respect and it prohibits any form of physical or emotional abuse. The Quran requires that spouses treat each other with love and mercy. Moreover, the Quran repeatedly warns against the use of injurious statements by a husband against his wife.
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