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Lecture 19

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Kinesiology&Physical Education
EDKP 330
David J Pearsall

12/16/2012 2:02:00 PM Collaborators in “The Community Guide”  Many people work together to develop and promote the community guide o Each contributed specialized skills, expertise and perspectives that make “The community Guide” a valuable resource  Community preventive services task force members o Liasons to the task force o Consultants to the task force o Community guide staff o CDC programs o Other partner agencies and organizations The Guide to Community Preventive Services  Free resource to help you choose programs and poicies to improve health and prevent dieesease in community  Evidence based public health o Recommended- strong sufficient evidence that program/intervention is effective o Recommended against: strong evidence that intervention is not effective o Insufficient evidence: available studies do not provide sufficient evidence to determine whether intervention is effective Built environment  Set of constructed structures that influence opporuntities for PA o Can be positive of negative Physical environment  Broader term  Encompassing the built environemtn and other physical supports or barriers Policy influences health  Effective health and health behavior policies o Tobacco taxation, fluoridation in water to reduce dental caries o Speed limits to reduce motor vehicle fatalities Environment and Policy change initiatives  Augmented approaches focused on individuals. o Policy/environmental initiatives usually facilitate individual behavior change  Actions at the environmental and policy levels directly affects organizations and physical structures rather than people in an attempt to achieve longer-term and more sustainable results  Involves o Making changes to build or physical environment o Making change sin organizational norms and policies o Enacting legislation that improves health o 12/16/2012 2:02:00 PM Access  Right to approach or use something  Creating access to physical activity areas will increase the amount of PA participation o Most effective access includes informational outreach lets people know about the existence of these places Urban design and Land policy  Ubran design: form, function and outward appearance of physical environment in defined entities o Neighborhoods, towns  Land use: management, planning and development of land in defined jurisdictions o Zoning: synonymous with legislatively determined land use policy  Community scale o Strive to make entire communities more amenable to PA o Idea that physical and built environments can improve levels of PA  Street scale o Smaller geographic areas (limited to a few blocks) o Make neighbourhoods or similar areas more livable and amenable to a variety of pA opportunities  Ex. enhancememnt for pedestrians o Increase in PA by ~35% Measuring Built and physical environment 12/16/2012 2:02:00 PM Sel
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