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Chapter 13 Vocab

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Management Core
MGCR 331
Richard Donovan

Chapter 13: Information Security Key Info and Terms - Data harvesters: cybercriminals who infiltrate systems and collect data for illegal resale. - Cash-out fraudsters: firms that purchase assets from data harvesters. Actions may include stolen credit card numbers to purchase goods, creating fake accounts via identity fraud, and more. - These are efficient and sophisticated operations. - Hackers may also infiltrate computer systems – hop from hardware to hardware. - Botnets of zombie computers: hordes of surreptitiously infiltrated computers, linked and controlled remotely. o Click fraud, spam sending, or distributed denial of service (DDoS) -- - effectively shutting down web sites by overwhelming them with a crushing load of seemingly legitimate requests sent simultaneously by thousands of machines. - Might be insiders, rivals, or foreign governments - Cyber warfare a legit threat (terrorism, cut of power, cause explosions, etc.) - Stuxnet: infiltrated Iranian nuclear facilities and reprogramed the industrial control software operating hundreds of uranium-enriching centrifuges. Made the devices spin so fast that they effectively destroyed themselves --- and even made it look like nothing was out of place. - 70% of loss-causing security incidents involve insiders o employees can steal secrets, install malware, or hold a firm hostage. o Also temporary staffers, contract employees, o Cleaning or security staff - Social engineering: con games that trick employees into revealing information or performing other tasks that compromise a firm o EGS:  Impersonating senior management  Making claims with confidenc  Harassment  Answering bogus surveys - Phishing: cons executed through technology, typically targeted at acquiring sensitive information or tricking someone into installing malicious software. o Lift logos, mimic standard layouts, and copy official language from legitimate web sites o Dupe users into downloading software that can record passwords - Solutions to the password problem? Perhaps Biometrics: technologies that replace conventionally typed passwords with fingerprint readers, facial recognition,
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