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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

thFriday March 30 2012Lecture will discuss how health care is dealt with in this country compared to 34 other countries Important comparative groups for Canada are other developed countries Infant Mortality per 1000 live births Numbers to situate Canada basic indicator of health and health outcomes Practicing Physicians per 1000 persons Another indicator of health care Canada is in a group that tends to have fewer physicians per capita in terms of OECD average TOTAL Health Expenditures Another good indicator of where Canada is This year the number of Canada is about 11 Canada is a big spender but is not an outlier Meaning we are within the norm of many industrialized countries USA is the outlier now the number is at 17 PubliclyFunded health expenditures How much of this money flows through the public system 70 flows through the public system meaning that 30 comes from somewhere else private insurance etc Canada is a little different from other European countries What does health care look like in Canada The way of thinking is that Canadian religionhealthcare Next Slide Bodenheimer is a good text to understand this issue It is all about how the US could do better and learn from other countries This is a simplified version of the Canadian health care system We are taxed as a population and our general revenues goes into health care plans which are responsible for funding hospitals and for negotiating with and paying physicians This is very basic A single payer system More detail We have in Canada a system by which everyone can be insured under a public plan through their provincial government These provincial plans are financed by general revenues provincial and federal taxes not just income taxes many types of taxes This
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