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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thWednesday February 15 2012 Facts about Malaria The number of cases is probably too low Almost everyone who lives in Africa has a low level of parasites in the blood so the numbers can go up to a billion The children are mainly affected as are the women with maternal malariaFacts about Malaria 2 P malariae and P ovale are not very common P vivax is more in Southern Asia and P falciparum is the lethal malaria and the problem in AfricaMalaria Transmission Risk Everything we will discuss will be about P falciparum because this is where most of the research is done P malariae and P ovale are not very well studied because we do not have lab strains of them the same with P vivax but it is getting better here 35 of the worlds population live in regions where there is a risk of acquiring malaria Africa has the highest prevalence Climate Change Prediction Studies are being done to see what would happen because of climate change It is predicted that we could see it in the USA again it used to be in the USA in the past We would also see it in Eastern Europe and also in AustraliaHave we ever had a region in Canada where we have had malaria Yes where they were building the Rideau Canal in that areaPotential Malaria Vectors Varies anopheles vectors that can transmit malaria So we have mosquitoes here in Montreal that can transmit malaria but us as humans we do not carry malaria so there is no reservoir If people come back from endemic regions where they have malaria they can be bitten by mosquitoes here which become vectorsThe species that transmits the best are the gambiae present in Africa Malaria Life Cycle In the mosquito you have malefemale gametocytes that are fusing On the top right is sexual reproduction and everything else is asexual reproduction In the blood stages this is where you get malaria You only have ring stages and gametocytes in the blood you will not see the other forms because the other forms have knobs etc and they stick to the arteries and capillaries and are not in circulation This clogging causes a lot of problems and death
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