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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday March 12 2012Today they are both nematodes Trichinella was also a nematodeIntestinal Nematodes All nematodes share certain features Usually they have a sexUsually eggs are fully embryonated to be infectiveIn the case of sonulitisthe L3 can penetrate into the skin Ascarid Parasites Intestinal Parasites A Suum can infect humans but it is not pathogenic The ones that infect dogs and cats can also infect humansAscaris The adult looks just like the larva once it is hatched In the eggs there is a lipid layer that is very tough and stickyAscaris Life Cycle If you swallow an unfertilized egg you will not be infected Once you get this fertilized egg this is where the life cycle starts These eggs will hatch in the intestine and will migrate to the lungs They will then go to the heart and the portal vein go back to the lung and the intestine The adult will stay in the intestine There will be mating between females and males and eggs will be produced Between the ingestion of egg development of adult and the release of the eggs this takes up to 3 monthsClinical Features Since the larvae will migrate through the lungs this will cause pneumonia The larvae penetrates the capillaries and causes some haemorrhagesSince the larvae penetrates the intestine people will suffer from diarrhoea and abdominal pain more see slide But what really causes pathogenesis is the wandering of the work See slide for what can happen Children will die from this disease This is not just a tropical disease it can be found here Epidemiology of Ascaris 1 Highest infection rate seen in children Not only in developing countries for example in the SE USA up to 60 of children were infected2
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