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MUAR 392
Melvin Backstrom

MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 10 th Beginning of Funk Fulfillngness‟ First Finale, Keys in the Key of Life  Style Change: Rhythm becomes  Both men, heterosexual and though dominant musical parameter have gone through the Motown make- o Melodic instruments played over school, now remade as artists in percussively Rock Sense o Loosely-organized melody over single-chord riff Chapter 29: Surf Music/Beach Boys o Reduced harmonic movement – stay on one chord for long  What is it? Musical genre originating stretched among the Californian surfer community;  Listen to “Papa‟s got a Brand New Bag” at first largely instrumental, e.g. Dick (1965) Dale and the Del-tones, following R&R o Form instrumentals of the Ventures, Duane  Listen to “Cold Sweat” (1967) Eddy, etc. o Further radicalization of  Strongly associated with use of Fender embryonic funk style solid-body electric guitars, with brighter more “biting” tone than other electric James Brown Continued guitars as well as presence of tremolo arms (“Whammy bars”) and Fender  Even less harmonic movement than amplifiers with heavy use of built-in “Papa‟s...” no 12-bar blues form! Only reverb; not surprisingly, Fender based in shift to subtonic, bVII for “chorus/bridge” southern California  Strong emphasis on “the One” – the first  What was its social impetus? Why did beat in each bar of 4/4 music California of all place become so  All instruments, and often voice as well, significant? used rhythmically  Listen to “Walk, Don‟t Run” (1960)  First “break” for drummer – very o What‟s the form? influential on development of hip-hop Instrumentation  See Youtube Clip “Sex Machine” o Compare Dick Dale‟s version of “Misirlou” (1962) Warwich Reading: Motown Continued o What‟s unique about it?  Why no girl groups at Stax? What does The Beach Boys Warwick see as key issue in role of women performers in 1960s?  What is their style? Rock & Roll rhythms  Why does she think the Supremes have with very polished vocal harmonies, call often been dismissed as “trivial” in and response comparison to the Beatles and Dylan?  Listen to “Surfin USA” (1963)  What do such dismissals tell us about o Form? o What about vocals? the construction of music history?  Who are critically acclaimed Motown o What‟s the relation between stars? Marvin Gaye & Stevie Wonder – lead and backup? why?  Listen to „Sweet Little Sixteen” (1957)  1971 – Marvin Gaye releases What‟s o Notice anything? Going On, politically driven concept album. The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (1966)  1972 – Stevie Wonder re-negotiates  One of the first rock & roll concept contract to acquire full creative control over his music, higher royalty rate – albums? Where have we seen them unprecedented for Motown – then before? What is different here? How is it conceptual? What is the concept? releases string of classic albums: Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions,  Strongly influenced by the Beatle‟s  Capitol begins to promote records in late Rubber Soul (1965) an
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