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NUR1 220 Lecture Notes - Blood Sugar

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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

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The Clinical Benefits of
Outcomes Dr. Moira Stewart was looking for in her discussion:
- Good communication leads to:
o greater quality diagnosis
o Increase in adherence to treatment
- Understanding the nature of the problem
- In order to get patients involved, they should first be able to
o Physicians must also see how the patient views the
treatment plan.
- Communication is proportional to the satisfaction
o If the patient is satisfied, it increases the chance of them
seeking help
o If they are satisfied with their doctor = better
- Often times, in the process of learning, patients may
misunderstand and forget what they need to do
o They should be able to ask questions and show their
Four E’s:
- Engaging
o Making connection with patient
- Empathizing
o Listening to the patient’s story, using the patient’s
o Articulating the patient’s feelings
- Education
o Providing info, but show them in a way they can
- Enlisting
o Ensuring you and the patient are on the same page
Vs. Find it and Fix it Model (two F model)
- By utilizing the 4 E’s and the 2 F model = better outcome + get
patient satisfaction
1. Two way conversation
2. Open-ended questions
3. Time to talk
4. Ask patient’s understanding of their experience
a. Validate their experience
- Patient feels heard and accepted
- Study-empathy saves time
- Increase ability of patient to deal and cope
- Reduce anxiety
- Be confident of patient
“Bed –side manner
- Eg. Better communication led to better control of blood glucose
o Lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients
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