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Bariatric Surgery

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Nutrition and Dietetics
NUTR 344
Kristine Koski

Type Procedure Outcomes Nutrition Deficiencies Adjustable gastric -reversible -%EWL(excess weight): -Primary PM or PEM band (AGB)- -requires frequent adjustments 46% -MVI QD Restrictive (make -unknown durability of the band stomach smaller) -rapid satiety -Resolution of DM2 (≥2yrs): -band can erode and body can 58% reject it. -Ballon in the band- tube comes out -Gastric restriction just below the skin and fill up ballon with solution- might be too restrictive- can cause vomiting/nausea) Vertical sleeve -Covered by government -%EWL(excess weight): 50- -Primary PM or PEM gastrectomy (VSG)- -Most of the fundus is removed 60% -MVI QD Restrictive -pyloric sphincter is intact -rapid satiety -Resolution of DM2 (≥2yrs): -Viewed as less invasive as band- 60% just as invasive -sleeve has a pyloric sphincter -Gastric restriction (controls gastric emptying) -Volumes of food that can be eaten -Gut hormones (Ghrelin will reduce (orexigenic hormone) dec. which is mainly prod/rel. by parietal cells in fundus and Leptin (prod by adipocytes) inc.) Type Procedure Outcomes Nutrition Deficiencies Roux-en-Y gastric -New gastric pouch is created. -%EWL(excess weight): -Primary and Secondary PM or PEM bypass (RNYGB)- Fundus is removed. No pyloric 60% -Duodenum: Ca, Fe; Malabsorptive and sphincter. Jejunum: Vit A,D,E,KFolate Restrictive (intestine -Rapid satiety -Resolution of DM2 (≥2yrs): Terminal Ileum: Vit B12 by
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