PHGY 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Somatostatin, Posterior Pituitary, Breastfeeding

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20 Jul 2016
!Mature hormones liberated from the carrier molecules, neurophysins%
!Circulating half lives: 1-3 mins %
!Posterior- neurohypophysis- nuclei are just referred to a bunch of neurons that have the same ftn in the same
area- as the vesicles are transported down the neurons, by the time they reach the bloodstream, they are
mature %
!The body goes through this process that say when to produce certain hormones, then synthesis and transport
and release occurs, and the half life of these things is 1-3 minutes. Why? %
!Ex oxytocin- the lining of the uterus is really rich in oxytocin receptors- the dilation of the cervix by the
head of the fetus causes release of oxytocin, which causes the uterine contractions. Also milk ejection%
!If oxytocin had a long
half life, then mothers would
have contractions for a long
time, and milk ejection for a
long time. Therefore, half life
of 3 mins is efficient as well as
effective %
!In males, ejaculation%
!Oxytocin affects
smooth muscle! Parturition and
ejaculation. It is called the love
hormone- it is local, not a
systemic reaction. %
o!Parturition- uterus is extremely sensitive to oxytocin at the end of pregnancy. Dilation of
uterine cervix by fetal head causes release of oxy %uterine contraction, which assists the
expulsion of fetus and then placenta %
o!Milk ejection- in lactating mother: response to the stimulus of suckling. Oxy causes milk
filled ducts to contract and squeeze milk out%
o!Behavior effects- local oxy release in the brain reduces anxiety and enhances boding, and
pro social behavior%
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