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Lecture 19

PHYS 183 Lecture 19: The Milky Way

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PHYS 183
Victoria Kaspi

The Milky Way Andromeda is closest spiral galaxy to Lecture Outline us, 778 kpc away o spirals are disk galaxies Galactic Structure brightest near center Stellar Populations: Disk and Halo from high density of stars Stellar Motions fainter as move out Interstellar medium darker lines are dust Dust lanes Extinction of starlight stars just one Interstellar gas component of Doppler broadening galaxies, with dust and gas o ellipticals are just sorta blobby o irregulars are irregular Structure of milky way o 75k to 100k light years across or 30,000 pc or 30 kpc across we are about 8 kpc from center o disk o nuclear bulge (as in nucleus of galaxy) not perfectly disklike as density rises in middle, nuclear bulge o halo low mass stars and gas surrounding whole disk making it almost spherical dots in halo are globular cluster o Spiral arm Not all disks have them Names of arms Sun is in the Orion spiral arm
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