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Lecture 33

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Tracy Webb

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PHYS 183 – The Milky Way Inside and Out – Tracy Webb Winter 2013 Lecture 33: April 10 , 2013  general relativity: space is curved by the presence of mass  if you have a lot of mass that is warping space through light, then it changes what we see  a cluster’s gravity bends light from a single galaxy so that it reaches earth from multiple directions  you can therefore see multiple images of what is really a single galaxy  this gives us another way to measure the mass using the velocities of galaxies  the more mass = the more lensing  existence of dark matter  we know it exists on large scales  we have 2 options about it o dark matter exists and we observe the effects of its gravitational attraction o dark matter doesn’t exist and we don’t understand gravity  we think we understand gravity well, so we choose option 1, which is Occam’s Razor  The Bullet Cluster is 2 different clusters merging together  we still do not know what dark matter is  baryonic matter is a fancy word for regular matter, it is normal stuff that makes everything up  we thought that dark matter was baryonic matter, just very faint  but we found that it cannot be normal matter, because the normal matter would still have to give gravitational lensing  micro lensing events: a way to detect dark objects in our galaxy  weakly interacting massive parti
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