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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

November 2nd FederalismCreation and EvolutionQuasi FederalismPower to intrude on provincial jurisdiction Feds alone appointed judges Judges have to decide whether or not something is in s 91 or 92 o If fed govt wants to legislate something claims 91 o Feds get power to appoint the umpires o Federal govt appoints to lieutenant governors in provinceso Imperial officergg for the first 30 40 years was a rep of the British government held power to reserve his assent of federal legislation if he thought it was in conflict with imperial policy policy of the British government It was the British government that had the power to disallow not the gg he only had the power to reserveo Reservation and disallowance but the lieutenant governor as a representative of the federal governmento Fed government could not unilaterally abolish the provincesprotected by a constitution cannot abolish a province cant suspend the constitution Federal government can still dominate themMunicipalities under s 92 are a crea
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