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Federalism: Creation and Evolution

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Nov 7Government of Canada Federalism Creation and EvolutionReinforced Classical Federalism 18961940 except for 19141918Constitution branches separately to the federal government and the provinces Highly centralized federalism with the objective to create a national economy coast to coast By the early 1900s those objectives had been largely met eg Transcontinental Railway immigrationFederal governments objectives largely fulfilled and became passive However the provinces at this time became much more active with industrialization and urbanization How can they address issues of urban infrastructure and mass education which are provincial jurisdiction The courts have taken out the POGG power of the fed governmentelevated the property and civil rights clause as the equivalent of a residual clause 1930s Great Depression governments werent particularly away of what they should do Significant public policu problem for Canada Only in the last days of the Conservative government in 1935 did the PM come up with a set of proposals to get people to work spend money enhance welfare etc through the governments powers But lost the election in the 1935 election Canada had a fourparty system but while PM lost the election he was reelected later with a majority government with FEWER votes than when he lost the electionThere is a nomans land of federalprovin
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