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Lecture: Nationalism and Federalism in Canada 1

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Lecture: Nationalism and Federalism in Canada January 17, 2013 Nationalism • nationalism: huge literature ◦ what is a nation? ▪ the definition is the tricky part ▪ no objective or scientific definition of it ▪ modern concept ▪ yet those who call themselves nationalists most often link their nation to the past ◦ nationalism exists, but nations do not ▪ Ernest Renan 1882 ▪ "What is a Nation" ▪ nations are motivated by a will to live together ▪ inextricably nationhood is a political and social fact ▪ Benedict Anderson's "Imagined Community" ▪ nationalism is an imagined community ▪ nation-building is a process of creating ▪ national solidarity has brought much joy to its members, but the process of re-imagining has brought about exclusion ▪ state and nation should overlap and that the state should be reflective of a nation so defined • different ways of "imagining" the nation ◦ Ethnic Nationalism ▪ particular view of political loyalty ▪ if you accept the values and ideals of the place, you belong and are part of the place ▪ ambiguous ◦ Civil/ideological nationalism Federalism • two levels of government • guaranteed autonomy • same land and same people • for Trudeau: a product of reason and judgment • Samuel La Selva (UBC): a moral philosophy • things that should not be nationalist issues have become s
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