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Lecture 3

Political Science 222 lecture 3.docx Nationalism and Federalism in Canada

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Caroline JohnpullePolitical Science 222 January 19 2012 Lecture 34 Nationalism and Federalism in Canada Sign up for conference Nationalism Huge literatureWhat is a nation Nationalism exists but nations do notErnest Renan 1882 A nation is a soul a spiritual principle Two things which in truth are but one constitute this soul or spiritual principle One lies in the past one in the present One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories the other is present day consent the desire to live together the will to perpetuate the value of the heritage that one has received in an undivided form Man Gentlemen does not improvise The nation like the individual is the culmination of a long past of endeavours sacrifice and devotion Of all cults that of the ancestors is the most legitimate for the ancestors have made us what we areBenedict Andersons Imagined Communitya very compelling insight an imagined political communityand imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign Imagined community sharedcollective act of human creation A collective
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