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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

January 9, 2013 What is the Developing World?  Canada enjoys one of the world’s highest standard of living (top 3)  1 billion of 7 billion are from the North  1/7 of the North receive 4/5 of annual global resources  Disparities quite large  PPP figures are adjusted for the cost of living in different countries – ratios give some idea of the actual differences of resources available – average person in Ethiopia lives on 1/40 of annual income of average Canadian  Very significant change  China and the BRICs are becoming much more important and standards of living are changing too, but at a much slower rate  Economies and large corporations compared – Iranian economy almost the size of Wal-Mart  Non-state economic actors (i.e. multinational corporations) can be very powerful and the relative disadvantage of smaller developing countries are in terms of this relationship  Half the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is living on less than 1.25$ a day, but in just 7 years the proportion of kids going to primary school increased from ½ to ¾  Gender gaps in terms of enrolment girls’ participation in school between 80 and 100% of boys  In most of the world today, more girls are attending school than in the past  Mortality rates still strikingly high in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia but also there is much change in those 17 years (i.e. North Africa)  Maternal deaths very high in some parts of the world, but there have been changes too  HIV epidemic had significant impacts on life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa. In the 90s, experienced decline in life expectancy because HIV/aids. Decline in rates of new infection and rate of death because of prevention programs, education programs, cheaper medical treatments, etc.  First vid highlights global disparities and challenges of underdevelopment  Other ways to highlight this: UNICEF report: single largest cause of premature mortality is preventable childhood disease which can be prevented through vaccination which extends lifespans and improving health conditions. Global vaccination would cost $2.5 billion, which is about the same amount of money spent on tobacco advertising in the US in a year.  Numbers in video are accurate. Problem with that perspective is that the developing world is also a dynamic place where there has been a lot of change (cannot ignore this)  Both videos highlight two different parts of the picture/perspectives  200 years of remarkable process despite huge disparities Some terms:  3 world often used as a synonym for term developing world – terminology 1 , 2 , st nd rd 3 world comes out of the cold war  3 world criticized as being pejorative and misleading  4 and 5 to draw out those differences between developing coun
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