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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

Jan 30 th States and Regimes and Governments Ways to hold coalitions together: 1) Shared ideas/ideology 2) Political culture - Underlying attitude of the population to such issues as political community and political authority Political Socialization (where people get their political ideas) - Parents, Peers: very important socializing agent, not much the state can do here unless you live in an authoritarian regime - Religion: issues of social justice and morality, the state can have some influence here but religion is fairly resistant to state control - Education: state penetration is high because they have a say in the cirriculum- education is often an important way to instill nationalism - Workplace: harder to control the flow of info except in corporatist states with trade union control - Media: public broadcasting, hard to completely control because of the internet and difficult to restrict it but does have important impacts Resources: general, diffuse benefits that flow to group but don’t necessarily flow to you as an individual or specific benefits Patron-client relations and state resources= neopatrimonialism -
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