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Lecture 14

POLI 227 Lecture 14: Challenges and the Future

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Challenges of the Future Globalization Framing -Not the best term because it’s not necessarily a new thing -Complex political, social, and economic dynamics are occurring in a way that is hard to deal with -Cannot be approached as a singular, tangible thing -There are many, often overlapping, pushing and pulling factors -These affect different populations within countries even -No longer a hegemony of the West NICs -Rising in importance -Successful developing and redeveloping, generally industrialized nations -China, for example, has boomed -Overall per capita income is lower -Parts of urban China are getting near Southern Europe in development metrics -The G20 economy is more important than the G8 now Effects -Creates some winners and some losers -Leads to some industries closing up shop and moving their production -Rust belt in the US -Trade protectionism is a backlash effect -Leads to a neomercantilist rhetoric about certain sectors and securing great deals -China in Africa uses semi-private enterprise as a FoPo tool -Blaming others for things in the global economy Conflict Conflict Trap -Civil war leads to underdevelopment, which leads to more civil war, which leads to more underdevelopment -Security and peacebuilding in the post-9/11 world -Often fails -Doesn’t take local context into account -Sometimes succeeds though, but it’s hard -Harder for some nations to escape Democracy Hybrid Regimes -More numerous and prominent -Turkey is a good example -Liberalized autocracies -Partial transitions -Democratic erosion, not just in the developing world Arab Spring/Winter -Long term impacts in the Middle East, but they are negative -Civil war in Libya, Syria, Yemen -Successful in Tunisia -Led to more repression in Bahrain and Egypt Relations Foreign Aid
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