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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

POLI 227 – Lecture Notes March 27, 2013 -last 2 exams have been posted on myCourses -need to tie in lectures, Handelman, conferences readings -not just a case of repeating a slide or Handelman; need to tie in different things -“Leacocklandia” question: can make certain assumptions -conference handouts can spark your memory about things to tie into the questions ***THERE WILL BE A CONFERENCE RELATED QUESTION*** (not on specific presentations, but on the themes) Structural Adjustment Structural adjustment programs -political consequences of SAPs  economic winners and losers  “IMF riots”  shift in political coalitions  weakening of neopatrimonialism -how to implement?  gradual vs. short, sharp shock  “the IMF made me do it…” -there’s sensitivity because as a political leader you not only generate an opposition amongst the actual opposition, but also within your own coalition -if you’re a populist, mass-based regime, those who benefited from social service expenditures wouldn’t like cutbacks -SAPs’ winners and losers can reconfigure politics -also weakens patron-client relations -if the state has fewer resources to throw around, and they’re under international scrutiny, that may limit the ability to throw out resources to “rent” support, which might have been a huge part of how you consolidated power -could do things so gradually that people don’t notice  but that doesn’t look very credible in the business community -e.g. Egypt (but they’ve paid a price) -could also do it all really quickly, then reap the benefits -this is hard because you piss off all your constituent groups at once -but you might be able to do it in a democrac
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