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What is the Developing World

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

What is the developing worldPer capita income in this classroom is about the same size as a small city large town inSignificant difference between where people live and where income isHistorically bulk of world econ activity is in Asia shifted to the west but begun to shift back againIran is about the same size as walmart in GDP Many large companies are higher than many developing companies o Tunisia is about the same size as KraftAmount of people living on less than 125 dollars a day has shrunk significantly in the last 20 yrsEducation enrollment has increased significantly particularly for girls of people with HIV has slowed down and newly infected has droppedSarah McLachlan video highlights the difference between very wealthy societies and very poor societies World on Fire TERMS ndrd Originally 2 world was communist 3 world was everyone else rd Over time 3 world came to mean developing thth 45 to express poorest of the poorGlobal northsouth northindustrialized
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