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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 & 3 - Approaches to 3rd World Poli

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POLI 227
Rex Brynen

2 Approaches to the Study of Third World Politics QuestionsSame Sex MarriageDivorce o Government working through case in Ontariocouldnt actually divorceo Federal governments logic they couldnt legally wed in their own country therefore not hereBurmaUS relations o US has restored relations with Burmalittle factors that led to thatCrazy American trying to swim to the leader on house arrestChinese have been largest external actors in Burmese economy and worried about Chinese influenceUS aid for Monsoon o The opposite can take effectwhere little incidents lead to bigger issues between countries Israelis pretending to be American CIA and false flag recruiting Iranians big fallout between US and IranInternet Piracy o Legit freedom of internet issues vs copyright issues What does the developing world have in commonColonial experience not ALL of it and not in the same way o The borders of our world are a function of colonial ruleSocioeconomic challenges o Lower levels of industrialization o Poor social conditions o Imperatives off economic growth and redistributionMassive variations among many countriesWeaker state structures o Less effective institutionsability capacity to administero Political instability o Problems of national integrationborders created that countered ethnic borders eg Sudan was created in a way that encouraged a rivalry between Arab north and nonArab southseparation is a function of British colonial rule o Imperatives of state buildingLack of international power and leverage o Doesnt apply to big countries like India and ChinaSubordinate integration in global economy y Subordinatelower in rankpositionimportance What is political science
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