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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

JANUARY 18, 2012: The Impact of Colonialism  News Story: Lebanon considering changing the electoral system, which would benefit minorities who are currently underrepresented. The current system does not have pre- printed ballots, which perpetuate bribery and corruption.  News Story: Britain is accusing Argentina of being a colonial power and trying to lay claim to the Falklands, which both Britain and Argentina claim to be theirs. The citizens in the Falklands are anti-Argentinian and don’t want to give up British Sovereignty. There may be oil reserves in the area around the Falklands.  1492: Columbus discovered the Americas.  Pre-colonial societies are impossible to generalize (due to diversity and the lack of written records).  They can be characterized as “traditional,” (problematic term because it can be seen as traditional vs. modern societies, but this means “traditional” in the sense that patterns are repeated because they work, ex. A certain type of farming) and through the various patterns of agriculture (but most subsistence-based), high birth and death rates (unbalanced population, high fertility, low life expectancy), and as decentralized and parochial (survival is bound up with immediate local, identity is local). Politics occurred at the clan/tribal/village level.  Expansion of Colonial rule: to the Americas. This was a conquest, followed by trade.  Latin American was conquered by the Spanish and the Portuguese, and North America by the French and British.  Forced catholicization  Expansion of colonial rule to Asia was trade, followed by conq
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