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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Poli 243 th January 9 Notes Theories begin with assumptions  Theories are built on assumptions  Assumptions shape the qualities of each theory  An assumption is something we take to be true  We assume something to be true, because we know it is not always true  How do we test an assumption? o If the theory is good, the assumptions are useful o It the theory is bad, the assumptions are not useful, and therefore you need to change your assumptions Grouping theories by their shared assumptions  By paradigm o Can mean an example o Can also mean an approach Categorizing Theories by Paradigm  Idealism  Realism  Liberalism  Marxism  Institutionalism  Constructivism Categorizing Theories by level-of-analysis  Social sciences typically divide their subjects into levels, depending on the phenomena they are studying  In international relations, we can also organize theories by where we locate the key actors Categorizing Theories by Levels  Systemic Level  Domestic Level  Bureaucratic level  Individual Level Early theorizing in International Relations  Early 1900’s o Political Science was emerging as it’s own discipline in academia o Political Economy split between Political Science  Econ-Wealth  where it comes from and how its created  Political Science  Where does power come from? How is it used? o WW1 barely accomplished anything, fall of all European countries o What happened? How do we prevent it from happening again?  Why do wars occur? o Flourished International Law to prevent future wars from occurring  League of Nations  Idealists & Utopians o Imagine the future where war is non-existent  Historians and Classical Realists Classical Idealism
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