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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

POLI 243 Lecture # 10 January 30, 2013 BureaucraticPolitics- looking at where they work, to see what argument they are going to hold. -Allison: “where you stand depends on where you sit” Example: Salmon P. Case on “greenbacks” Problem: eventually government wont agree and people holding onto greenbacks will not receive their money. Will discuss in the supreme court. Wether it was legitimate for the U.S government to do this. ( moving people around in different job positions their position on policy will switch according to position.) Example: Winston Churchill on pre-World War I naval expenditures.He was a conservative). Liberal party was thinking of what the priorities should be, because working class would have voting rights in the future. They wanted to implement early party loyalty so in the future when they gained there voting rights they could. Encouraging social rights and free trade. They created new battle ships, Winston Churchill ended up thinking tory position was dumb to alienate them before they get voting rights. They voted Winston Churchill as the leader of military. Therefore he had always been discouraging military funds. but when he was changed position he of course stated that their should be more money in the military budget. -Bureaucratic actors rationally pursue narrow goals. Every organization has its own narrow definition of its interests. National actors are the bureaucratic it represents. -Bureaucratic politics tell us about organization’ competing aims- but how is policy selected? Predictions can be made about people views on policies according to their bureaucratic department but who will win? -Manipulation by bureaucratic actors Yes, Minister Individuals who have the job to determine the policies that are in the best interest of the nation. These individuals are willing to be manipulated. A permanent civil secretary, a position that remains while different politicians come and go. The point is the politicians has his own views of how things should be run according to his party. Although the civil servant has his experience within government and generally gets his way. Politicians believe they are getting their way although civil secretary normally gets their way. The Cuban Missile Crisis Highlights the kind of things that bureaucratic individuals are fighting over. -Halperin & Kanter: Bureaucratic Politics entails competition between bureaucratic actors. ( 5 aspects) Air force and CIA arguing over- Turf( to collect intelligence from the air) Navy/Air force Land Rights- Flying over the ocean who’s turf is this? They signed an agreement of who was responsible for what. They each get planes, and the US army is not allowed in the agreement to have planes. Therefore, the US army gets helicopters instead, even though planes would be better. TURF> Missions-CIA( ce
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