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System Level Theories

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POLI 243
Mark Brawley

System-Level Theories 4/3/12 10:59 PM Recent System-Level Arguments from Realists • Stephen Walt: balancing versus threat • All you need to know is the distribution of power à any state with power is a threat. (realist view) • Bandwagoning: whether you think you can counter a really powerful state by forming alliances • Mearsheimer: Europe and NATO; the instability of unipolarity o “the falling of the Soviet Union would led to the fall of NATO because there was no reason for it anymore” • Wohlforth and Brooks: unipolarity will last Examples of System Level Theories with Economics • Albert O. Hirschman: National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade o Notion of the structure of foreign trade and how do we understand those patterns § Economics: comparative advantage § Trade decisions are made on a very political basis: relative gains, structure the relationship § Trade is not mainly about economic wealth § National Power o Economic blocs in the 1930s o Dependence in development o Realists remain vague about sources of power o Trade, Alliances and war o Linking Politics o Economic Sanctions: use, effectiveness Ot
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