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The Reciprocity Election of 1911

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

The Reciprocity Election of 1911 Laurier’s failure to liberalize trade 4/3/12 11:00 PM The election of 1911 was focused on a trade agreement between the US and Canada. The trade agreement had been a platform for the liberals for quite some time. The Liberals Reinterpret the National Policy • Sir Wilfird Laurier leads the Liberals to power in 1896. • The Liberals are unhappy with the National Policy but do not completely throw it out. • Crow’s Nest Pass Agreement o Liberals do not agree that the railroad should have a monopoly on transportation from east to west. They want to introduce competition. o Wanted to reduce tariffs on the crow's nest past o reduced fares so the monopoly would not move forward in the future • Laurier’s government seeks more immigrants à Clifford Sifton’s role o He improved the type of immigrants that were coming into the country à looking for farmers to farm …etc… o set up offices in other countries to let people know what kinds of opportunities they have in Canada o they attracted immigrants who would come and stay o Under the Tories, any immigrant could come and move to any plot of land they want o By the 1940's, Canada was a major exporter of grain • But tariffs unchanged à U.S. unreceptive o The republicans won the U.S. election at this time, and they wanted to raise the tariffs o the Liberals of Canada had no way to change their tariffs because there was no one internationally who would listen • Liberals appear to prefer trade liberalization The Election of 1911 • Laurier still leading the Liberals • Western farmers demanding free trade • Quebec divided by economic and Imperial issues • Britain rejects own policy of preferencesThe Campaign in 1911 • Secret negotiations with U.S. in 1910 • Results announced- stuns the Tories • Swiftly, Ontario businessmen announce opposition • Sifton says he is against it too o you are not going to get businesses in the West if you reduce tariffs • Laurier departs for London… • "Unholy Alliance” formed o a deal between the Tories and the Quebec Nationalists o Nationalists say that Laurier is too close to London o Tories say Laurier is too close the the U.S. o start bashing Laurier’s personal belief
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