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Lecture 22

POLI 244 Lecture 22: POLI 244 11-30-2016

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Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

POLI 244-11/30/2016 Future of Anarchy “Back to the Future”-Mearshimer -Realpolitik and balancing -Putin believes that US amping up defensive systems is part of an offensive strategy -Sees it as a march to force -Old school balancing -Old style persists Fukuyama-Triumph of Liberalism -Describes liberalism as the end point of ideological human evolution -Occurs in the realm of ideasnot a materialistic victory -Defeat of absolutism was WWI, defeat of fascism in WWII, defeat of communism in 1989 -Each ideology is a challenge to the liberal order that falls to liberalism -USSR’s collapse and China’s move to capitalism -Ideal victory creates material victory progressively -Fukuyama believes evolution of values will end with global liberalism -Counters the idea of radical Islam, saying it has no appeal to non-Muslims and little to Muslims -Western hegemony is permanent because even if the hegemonic state falls the new hegemon will embrace Western liberal ideology -Thinks the US’ preponderance will decline but Western liberalism will live on -Not really a counter-hegemonic ideology Huntington’s Clash of Civilization -End point of conflict evolution: conflict between civilizations -Terrorists are not making anything new, they are mostly focusing on war against the West and its values -ISIS, however became an actual regime at some point -A nation that must rule by force has already signed i
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