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Lecture 3

POLI 244 Lecture 3: POLI 244 9-19-2016

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Political Science
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POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

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POLI 244-World Politics-9/19/2016 WAAAAAAAR Rationality -Rational action because states make the decision to go to war -Models we use are very simplified, but get most of the picture (parsimony) Why War -Because there are conflicting interests between various parties -Most disputes are settled by peaceful bargaining, but failures here lead to war -War is rare but leaves a major impact on society Bargaining and War -Implies that the actors are on the Pareto frontier and must redistribute their share somehow, or that cooperation is exceedingly difficult -War becomes a form of bargaining along the Pareto frontier -Wars can be fought over territories, policies (genocide, “WMDs”, human rights issues, regime types) Terms -Reversion outcome: When no bargain is reached, usually the status quosometimes there are threats however, that things will change -Bargaining power: Depends on the relative satisfaction with the reversion outcome, so the one who is most satisfied or least harmed by the reversion outcome holds bargaining power -Crisis bargaining: Bargaining under the threat of war (coercive diplomacy) -War cost: The losses of war When War is a Bargaining Failure -Influenced by proposals, relative power, and the costs of war -Each nation seeks to move along the Pareto frontier to their ideal point -Look at the differences between status quo and potential deal -Under assumpt
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