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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

November 30 2011The US and IraqSaidemans BiasesUnilateralism is sometimes necessaryoCountries on the Security Council that disagree with US foreign policyoSometimes in IR countries must do what they feel necessary even if it is unpopularPreemption is not inherently wrongoAttacking first may be less costlydangerous than waiting and attacking secondodisarmFamiliarity breeds contemptPrewar position wrong war at the wrong time by the wrong peopleoAfghanistanGWOT first global war on terroroIraq hadnt done anything yetoAl Qaeda didnt have direct ties to Iraq even though Hussein did support other terrorist groupsCurrent position the end of American leadershipoExpensive in life billions of dollarsoHealthcare costs for veterans of WWII are still being paidoHealthcare costs for Iraq war veterans will be needed to be paid for 6080 yearsoAfter 911 a lot of countries supported the US but then starting Iraq caused them to lose lots of respect around the worldWWI Decline of BritishoWas very expensivespent lots of money on the war and the younger generation was lostoIraq war was not a war of necessity they chose to fight something that was not worth sacrificing their position as a world leaderCauses of WarUnipolarityoUS can do what it wantsNo one could stopthreatenpersuadebribe them into not doing itoNo one can protect the USUltimately protection of US was dependent on the US itselfAny threats to them could only be responded to by them themselvesNATO did not support the invasion of Iraq911oCreated a sense of need to prevent and preemptDont want your first response to be after another attack that is worseThey cannot wait to take a blow
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