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POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

December 5 2011The future and theoryThe end of the stateGlobalizationoNo longer about states about international corporationsoGiving up sovereignty to work with other countriesoSending people to represent the interests of other countries for the flow of goods and servicesoArab springmotivation traveled throughout the Arab world to cause them to rebeloEach country will still have a distinct reactiontrajectory for what they dooThings are not new things just happen fasterMore stuff crossing bordersoCountries have starker tradeoffs than othersoCountries can make their own policies to avoid responding to the international communitynow countries still have choices but the range of choices is narrower and the consequences of their choices are higheroChoices are constrained and they have costscountries can still failSoviet Union failed but roseEU can failoFP is still made in the larger countries in their national capitalsTerrorismoThe importance of states has not changedoStates still possess a far greater capacity to harm than terrorist groupsoNuclear and biological weaponsoWars are much more costly than the effects of terrorist attacksIraq and Afghanistan more costly than 911 attacks all of themoInternational communities EU cannot act as a clear entity against terrorismStill up to countries individuallyoStates are still units of foreign policyStill room for statecentric approachesoEU still has problems with common FPoStates still units largely conducting FPoCountries are no longer relevantThe future systemPolarity oUsually its been bipolar or multipolar but our generation has been unipolar with the USoUS has been very dominantoOne super poweroTime is coming to an end
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