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Lecture 11

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Political Science
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POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

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Lecture 11September 28 2011ChickenSimilar game to Prisoners DilemmaImportant difference mutual conflict is worse than suckers payoff CD DDNo dominant strategya game of bluff and threatsMaking credible commitmentsoCould end up in disasteroInternational policy is often competitive risk takingoIts taken out of your hands by making your threats automaticoYou stand by your guard and make the other side chooseoie if you dont change your policies I will start a global nuclear waroin the Cold War US troops and families went to New Germany in case any attack from USSR on West Germanyif they attacked US had a legitimate way to start the waroany US aggressors hands were tied omust be assertive and defend your resolve so that no one challenges your threatsRepeated playoIf playing over and over again in the first round cooperation is good in Prisoners dilemmaoIn Chicken if its going to happen over and over again you need to be stubborn from the beginning so that
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