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Lecture 14

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 14October 17 2011War What is it good forWhat does war meanEthnicity and Warirredentismoefforts to unify lost territory inhabited by kinie PakistanIndia with Kashmir BosniaCroatia SomaliaEthiopia TaiwanChinapolitical movement to take lost territory back into your countrya clear path between ethnicity and interstate violenceoKurdhish StyleAgglomerationWhen a bunch of little countries want to be a big countryKurdistan with a bunch of Kurds from all sorts of countriesIndependent Kosovo with hunks of MacedoniaGreater Armenia post Cold War greater Croatia greater SerbiaInternationalization of civil war especially over past 20 yearsoCivil wars are no longer neatly boxed in countries and outsiders are brought in all the timeoHot pursuitViolate the sovereignty of another country by following those who you are hunting across bordersCauses escalation of violence along the borderRwanda caused a World War in Africa because people went to Congo to fight to Rwandan government so Rwandans went to Congo oRefugeesIf they flee and settle nearby they make camps Dominators of the refugees usually want to elongate the conflictRefugees often carry the seeds of hatred with themoReciprocal supportie Pakistan supports rebels in India India supports rebels in Pakistancountries will retaliate for the support of ethnic rebels within the other territory War as a mistakealways irrational Cost of war should make for bargainingounless key constituencies do not pay perhaps profit from waroassumed that people are making the same sacrifice within warohowever some people die some people go through economic difficultiesoif you have political systems with unequal distributions of power and those
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