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Lecture 16

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 16October 24 2011Nuclear WeaponsEvolution of Nuclear ThoughtWorld War II and strategic bombingoWasnt an instruction manualjust seen as a big bomb that you would drop on a big cityoDuring WWII fleets of hundreds of thousands of planes dropping bombsPurposedestroy actual targets factories etc and because of a set of beliefs that the way to win a war is to cause so much destruction that you cause the other country to submitLessondoesnt really work since Britain Germany and Japan didnt give in until the dropping of the atomic bombs and the entry of the Soviet Union on the Allies side against GermanyoAtomic bombs were just bigger bombswe didnt really know the effectsoInstead of sending 1000s of planes you can send 1 plane with one bomb to cause 10s of thousands of people deadoRadiation sickness and other effects were seen as extra or bonus to increase the damage caused by the bombsoAfter WWIIUS knew that the bombs were the way to deal with Soviet aggressionMassive retaliationoUS said any Soviet aggression could be met by the entire nuclear arsenal of the USoThreat problemswould the US destroy all of the Soviet Union for them just creeping the boundary is it a credible threatThe Soviet Union created their own atomic and hydrogen bombs meant that if the US dropped bombs for aggression they would dieMutual Assured Destruction MADoMutualboth have the capacityfails if only one can ADBoth have nuclear weapons and if they attack first the other side will attackDoesnt work if one cannot attack with the same capabilityoAssuredsecond strike capabilityUS assured this with a triadtracks of land in the west that were under populated so that missiles could be therePlaneswith a warning they would launch planes from their territoryalliesSubmarines with ballistics missiles everywhere even in Arctic to launch missiles Any attempt by Soviets to destroy one of the triad assured they still
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