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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

What do the Stakes Mean? More war is over ethnic/linguistic ties Indivisibility e.g. Jerusalem Credibility Does shared ethnicity mean more trust? Theory that war in between the same ethnic group is more easy to solve Less of other ethnic groups --> more difficult to solve Rationality Does hate overpower rational calculus? If you're really angry/upset, you probably will over overestimate your capabilities and underestimate the enemies' capacities War is naturally irrational Ethnicity and War Irredentism Efforts to unify lost territory inhabited by ethnic kin Clear path between ethnicity and interstate violence Kurdish-style e.g. Kashmir Internationalization of civil war Civil war always drag outsiders inside the conflict Hot pursuit What do you do when rebels leave the country? Refugees Dominated by those interested in prolonging the conflict Reciprocal support If country A supports rebels in country B, then country B will support rebels in country A Countries will retaliate for support War as a Mistake Always irrational? Costs of war should make for bargaining
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