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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

POLI 322 – Lecture Notes November 16, 2012 ETHNICITYAND PLURALISM IN INDIA/ETHNIC CONFLICT IN SRI LANKA PARTY-SOCIETY RELATIONS AND MOVEMENT’S COURSE I -DK: limited internal pluralism -DMK and the populist turn -consequences of populist turn:  increased mobilization, inclusiveness, enrichment of civic life, , wider patronage distribution -emergence of diverse populisms PARTY-SOCIETY RELATIONS AND MOVEMENT’S COURSE II -separation of assertive and paternalist populism -failure of nativism -AIA/DMK and Hindu nationalism -AIADMK and representation -paternalist populism and civic life -agitations against the introduction of Hindi as the sole official language of the government in 1960s -paternalist populism: more top down -movements/parties/leaders are benevolent benefactors of less privileged groups -promise these groups easier access to goods, protection from repression, etc -this was especially associated with a film star who was also a politician -his fan clubs were a source of support for the DMK -DMK came to power in 1967;
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