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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

Presentation 1 JafferlotSee Handout ProvidedPresentation 2 Jalalshe was putting too much focus on what factor like institutional development when its actually a combination of many factors that was the main reason in the divergence in the roles bw India and Pakistanliberal democratic theorymarxist theoryIndiamodernity dichotomy lots of patrimonial lines of organization in Indian politicslack of authoritative centre so impact of corrupt policies more compartmentalized and localized but would then affect indian state legacies of colonialism important to divergent statesIndia inherited centralized secular statebuiltin idea of consensus and accommodation helping diffuse factors in the periphery agreedupon constitution had the usual freedoms but there were factors that could allow for infringing upon these rights if they felt it was important to remaining a centralized state allIndia services less broadcast apart from the military supposedly federal system but bc of strong national congress it was utarianism in actuality lots of aid from US funnelled through channels to allow remaining centralized state and using it for its intended purpose rather than diverting the fundsPakistan politics extremely weakmilitary tried to play international politicsinherited military with manpower but little firepower mil given more power so balance of power shifts towards thembureaucracystruggle to form constitution bc unwanted Bengali minority and debate over adoption of Islam took 7 years for the first onerise is patronage in 2 decades after 1947elections highlight primacy of politics but also electoral corruption Congres
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