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Lecture 6

Lecture 6- The Amendments + Starting the Federalist Papers.pdf

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Political Science
POLI 325D1
Harold Waller

Article 5 Amending Processdifficult to do2 steps1 proposing amendmentA either Congress proposes ORB a Convention with 23 of the states proposes 2 ratifying amendment A once 23 of the house approve it goes to the states for ratification by the leg of 34 of the states ORB by conventions in 34 of the states voted on for ratification you cant rewrite the constitution to change the 2seats per state in the Senate ruleArticle 6 Supremacy Clausefederal law takes precedence over state law First AmendmentCongress shall make no lawdoesnt say that there shall be no law only that the federal govt cant do so establishment clauseprohibits govt from showing favour to a particular churchgovt prohibited from interfering with the free exercise of religion Second Amendmentright to bear armsmilitia context or crazy Republican context to protect peoples rightsThird Amendmentno quartering of soldiers Fourth Amendmentto do with privacy in a limited wayto be secure in their persons houses and personal effectsno illegal or unreasonable searches and seizures unless the police have search warrant does the constitution keep up with technology wire tapsdriving a car and trunk searches hasnt been updated and doesnt deal with electronic surveillanceFifth Amendmentfreedom from selfincrimination no forced confessions not admissible at trial protection of the individual ag the authority of the state double jeopardy clause cannot be a witness against self husband and wife protection spousal privilege due process of law clause Sixth AmendmentIRSaccess to council right to speedy trialSeventh Amendmentright to trial by jury Eighth Amendmentno cruel and unusual punishment does not preclude the death penalty Ninth Amendmentrights not listed in the Constitution do exist Tenth Amendmentpowers not delegated specifically to the federal govt resides in the states Eleventh Amendmentprohibits citizens of one state or foreign country from suing another state Twelfth Amendmentseparation of president and vicepresident onto 2 different ballots Thirteenth Amendmentno involuntary servitudeabolishes slavery Fourteenth Amendmentdue
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