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POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 17, 2013 Modern State Formation Results in Prussia • Increased militarism and the formation of an ideology that shapes Prussia • Social stratification • Ideology that war is an act of loyalty – develops noble physical and personality traits  education glorifies military service • Glorified military service leads to a particular form of nationalism o Idea that nationalism is predicated on institutional responses to an outside threat (formation of national identity) • Concept of social imperialism – inequalities in society have to be accepted in order to be a unified people • Mercantilism – institutions of the state are responsible for controlling economy • Downing as a structural realist  security • Organization of Prussia gives them certain advantages over their neighbours England • Goes down a different path  Easiest explanation is in terms of geography (threat is not immediate) • No concentration of power – there is a diffusion of authority • Build up of the navy  Cannot be used to oppress the people like the army was used in Prussia • Power of the King is blocked by the nobility  Magna Carta o After King John fights a number of wars – nobility refuses to keep supporting him  Checks placed on the monarch o Reaffi
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