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Political Science
POLI 345
Warren Allmand

September 12 What’s going on inside IOs:  A thought experiment:  Predicting what would happen to a country without knowing any details as to the country’s circumstance when implementing policies i.e. implementing a structure of government  Measuring GDP, GNP to predict economic trends  Adopting a Charter or Human Rights  Create institutions like schools and hospitals  Mirroring the rest of the world and UN organizational structure  Sets of norms and practices set by the UN are infused across the world as frameworks for ideal states  Organization Theory:  Barnett and Finnemore: IOs are purposive agents  IOs are essentially bureaucracies  Bureaucracies have four core features:  Hierarchy: division of labor, chain of command  Continuity: material existence, make IOs persistent  Impersonality: chain of authority not determined by who you are- but by position you hold  Expertise: professionalism  Conceiving IOs as bureaucracies helps understand their:  Authority: built on expertise, neutrality bc of impersonality  Power: R2P, ideas for policies (norms/framework)  Goals: ideas suggested by IOs themselves, not states, ensure survival and accomplish goals set out at creation (conflicting)  Behavior:  Two key sources of agency:  Provide new ideas  Build coalitions  Bureaucratic culture: actor’s rationality is shaped by org
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