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Lecture 12

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

US Role US Policy in the MidEast Region: - Stems from cold war o Then shifts from soviet containment to democracy promotion - Containing terrorism? - Legacy of Iraq war? - Arab uprisings? o Engaged in new Egyptian administration to ensure stability despite MB outcome o Hypocritical – Saudi relationship despite non-democracy - Diplomatic – UN o Hard to get resolutions passed in security council because of US, whereas GA’s more readily condemn Israel - Military/Intelligence o 1970s – shift in US-Israel relations - Foreign aid o Decreased aid to Israel, but increased military aid o Most aid given to Egypt, then Iraq, then Sudan & Jordan, then Israel, then Lebanon  Most aid goes back to US through purchase of American products.. Rationale? - National interest vs. domestic politics? - National: o Soviet containment? o Cheap oil supply o “moral commitment” with Israel o Military industrial complex; intelligence - Domestic: o Israel lobby?  “Christian Zionists” – conservative, literal interpretation of bible  AIPAC  J-Street – pro-israel, pro-peace, two-st
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