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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

National Identities & Early Encounters - Zionism o National movement to return to homeland o Alternative to assimilation o From feeling of persecution o Birnbalm – created the term and wrote about it in his university newspaper. Ended up leaving the movement and opting for assimilation o Hertzel – born in Budapest, not religious jew, grew up secular – published in 1895, motivated by Dreyfus Affair o 1897 – first Zionist conference  Basle Declaration  Establishing home for Jews in Palestine  Promotion of settlement  Having all Jews share a stronger national identity/consciousness o Challenges:  Already facing exclusion and anti-Semitism, why make themselves more distinct and excluded?  Some believe contradicts Judaism  Didn’t have economic or political backing  Only post-WWI era where Britain had some incentive to support o C
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