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Lecture 2

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POLI 347
Julie Norman

The British Mandate WWI: - British start making deals with many actors in the region for their own best interests o Contradictory:  Arabs (McMahon – Husein Correspondence)  Western Powers (French) (Sykes – Picot agreement)  Zionists (Balfour Declaration) o Creating or aggravating conflict? o McMahon-Husein Correspondence (1915-1916)  “Prepared to recognize and support independence of the Arabs”  “will guarantee the Holy Places against all external aggressions…”  Husein – notable Arab leaders in current day Saudi Arabia  Sherif of Mecca o Sykes – Picot (1916)  Split up middle east into “spears of influence”  Britain – Jordan & Iraq, French – Syria & Lebanon o Balfour Declaration (1917)  “establishment” – takes away the idea of “returning” to a land that should be theirs, problematic for some Zionists  “Palestine” – ambiguous location border-wise  “national home” –  “civil and religious rights” – not political or national, direct contradiction to McMahon – Husein  “non-Jewish communities” – didn’t recognize Arab or Palestinian, some say it was an attempt
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