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POLI 360 - Lecture (Apr. 10th)

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Political Science
POLI 360

Conflict Resolution and Conflict Prevention De-escalation − timing and ripeness − conditions − issue containment − third party involvement Internal Wars − turning points and hurting stalemates Conflict Prevention − strategies − Preventive Diplomacy − Preventive Deployment − Preventive Disarmament − Long-term Strategies It is often difficult for leaders to sell to their public preventive strategies. − early warning signs − International Norms − Military Intervention Peacekeeping/Peace-building One of the main activities of the UN in the security field. Peacekeeping can be involved in both inter and intra-state conflicts. This is different from collective security, because peacekeeping does not consider any party as the belligerent. In peacekeeping, both parties are resolved to maintain peace, but it may easily devolve into conflict. Duties include observing lines, serving as buffer between two hostile forces, supervising troop withdrawal, monitoring elections, and maintaining domestic security during transition periods They are generally deployed with the consent of the sovereign state, or both parties involved in the dispute. Weapons would only be used in self-defence. Two forms 1) Classical Peacekeeping After Suez War; suggested by Pearson. More successful than collective security generally. 2) Post-Cold War Era Peacekeeping 1. Reasons for Upsurge Functions − Peac
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