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POLI 365 - Lecture: Rousseau 3 (Feb. 18)

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Political Science
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POLI 365
Jason Scott Ferrell

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Rousseau Operation of Government − makes distinction between executive and legislative powers − problematic for the two to be joined or combined (III; 4) − there would be a danger of private wills taking precedence over the general will − individual interests threaten to tear apart sense of common good that ties individual to the community − considers legislative power the most important − process of legislation: tied to determination of the general will − executive power is tied to the government − reflects concern for particular acts − falls outside parameter of sovereignty? (III; 1) − thus, government performs administrative duty by executing laws − proportionality between people, institutions, and general will: − the larger the population, the more diluted our sense of community can become − this is because our sense of efficacy is undercut; our contribution to the community is diluted, which negatively impacts our sense of solidarity − result is loss of liberty − liberty is self-determination; to live under one's own laws − the smaller the r
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