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POLI 365 - Lecture: Dahl 2 (Mar. 13)

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Political Science
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POLI 365
Jason Scott Ferrell

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March 13 – Dahl 2 [....................] If the Rule is put in play, popular sovereignty and majority rule exists. − seeks to ground premises empirically; not simply evaluating logical validity − the only way to look at preferences is to look at voting behaviour − elections and voting allows us to operationalize the Rule − eight conditions/norms What are the social circumstances that promote these eight norms of polyarchy? Diversity (70-81) − how the Rule provides boundaries on diversity − diversity must fall within the social consensus provided by the eight norms of polyarchy − there must be relatively high agreement on the norms of polyarchy − the Rule requires diversity − without diversity, there would be no need for democracy and voting − yet the diversity should not be too much! Majority Rule − the idea of the Rule does not refer to the majority as a monolithic bloc − majority rule instead refers to an aggregation of minority views, which happen to converge on the same policy outcome − everyone has different reasons for coming to the same outcome − polyarchy is the competition of interests, which is expressed in voter behaviour − focus on interest group politics rather than institutions − not impo
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