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Lecture 1- Introduction to the European Union.pdf

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Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

General InformationProfessor SvenOliver PorkschsoprokschmailmcgillcawwwsvenoliverprokschcomOffice HoursTuesdays and Wednesdays 11123610 McTavish room 243 CSDConline signup link on MyCoursesConferencesTA Chris ChhimConferences Week 4Questions to Consider How can we analyse EU institutionsHow are European policies adopted and implementedHow powerful is the European ParliamentWhy do some citizens support the EU while others do notHow does the EU affect politics in the member statesIs there a democratic deficit in the way the EU worksWhat are the causes and consequences of the Euro crisisWhy has the EU become an environmental leaderWhat are the prospects for EU foreign policyWhat is the future of EuropeCourse ObjectivesAcquire indepth knowledge of the pol system of the EUApply general theories from comparative pol to evaluate and analyse the EU as a pol systemBecome familiar with the stateoftheart theoretical and empirical research on the EUConduct independent research on a problem related to the EU analyse relevant materialsdata in relation to the problem and present the results in writing Course BreakdownMidterm20 October 14thFinal Exam30Final Paper30November 21st Conference Participation17Clicker Participation3 This WeekHistorical background to initiatives for European cooperationMajor developments in European integration PostWar Climateeuro integration at end of WWIIultimate catastrophe that led politicians and general people to revisit the way nationstates have interacted on European continenteconomy was devastated millions were dead prime questions after the warHow Europe can avoid another warHow European nations can revive their economies Political Developments Germanylegacy of war made cooperation bw Fr and Ger extremely difficultGer divided into occupation zones US UK Fr SovIn 1949 the western part of Ger regained its independence formation of the Federal Republic of Germany Political Developments A Divided EuropeCold War heightened Western European fears of insecuritymassive USA involvement in Euro affairslargely intergovernmental cooperation traditional way for sovereign nations to decided on common threatsthe old way of international cooperationthe crucial thing was that this was not enough to resolve the tensions between Fr and Ger The Community Ideacrucial idea for EU came from Jean Monnet administratorbureaucrat and Robert Schumann then pushed for it publicly a new idea for Fr and Ger to reconcile Fr initiativebeyond intergovernmental cooperationJean Monnet CommissionerGeneral of the Fr National Planning Board came up with the planMonnets scheme was presented by the Fr Foreign Minister Robert Schumann on May 9 1950Primarily targeted Ger and USA in his lobbying The Schumann Declaration 1950 the EUs Founding Moment first element was incremental stepbystep approach the key industry for war coal and steel was placed under a common supervisionhigh authority open to other countries too apart from Fr and Gereconomic plan with a pol objective Treaty of Paris 1951establishes the European Coal and Steel Communityconflicting Economic and Political Objectives resolved with the treaty Germany lift discriminatory rules on industryFrance planned production and distribution of coal and steel industrysix countries Fr Ger It Belg Neth Lux are the founding members of the EU main institutions Council of Ministersmember state governmentspooled sovereignty High Authorityindependent appointees independent from the governments themselves now called the European Commission Court of Justiceinterpret treatyCommon Assemblymembers of national parliaments now become European Parliament a directly elected chamber deliberate limited scope this whole institutional framework was set up o
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