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POLI 227 Lecture Notes - Jeffrey Sachs, Electoral Fraud, The Natural Order

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

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MARCH 5th, 2012:
Jeffrey Sachs bid for President of the World Bank: The appointment of the head of the
world bank and IMF are intensely political processes because there has historically
been a division in that Americans get the head of World Bank and Europeans get the
head of the IMF, and because of this, US administrations like to appoint people who
pay political dividends or will be on point with their political views. For the Obama
administration, it could be an advantage to appoint Jeffrey Sachs. He may be much
more critical of US policy, but it would allow the administration to appoint hope and
change (but mostly in places that don’t vote for the US president in an election year).
Russia’s Putin Victory: There are two way to rig polls: the bad way is to do it during
the actual election when you lose ballot boxes, stuff ballots- but this shows up and
it’s obvious that it was rigged. The better way is to fix it before people vote- design
an electoral system that works to your advantage, control the flow of information,
intimidate critics, etc. and this way leaves you with less of a chance of getting good.
It clear that Putin rigged the election, but only would have needed to stuff ballot
boxes if he did not use the easier rigging method well. (Pakistan Intelligence almost
always intervenes in elections- but successfully use methods other than ballot
stuffing). In Russia, they haven’t been able to completely suppress opposition,
especially with the growth of the Internet. 5 or 10 years ago everyone knew it was
pointless to oppose the regime, but after Tunisia people have realized that you can
challenge regimes. There is a sense of empowerment and of not being isolated.
Regimes rely on the feeling of political hopelessness.
Will Israeli launch a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities? Chances are less than 50-
50 but quite large. Iran uses threatening rhetoric about Israel and they have poor
relations. Netanyahu believes that Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. But we may
not know if they have decided to build a nuclear weapon yet, but bombing them may
cause them to build a nuclear weapon to protect Iran. They have had a nuclear
program on and off since 1970. The nightmare scenario is bombing Iran, you only
set them back a year or two, and then they quadruple the amount of resources put
into their nuclear program, and they get the nuclear weapons and bomb Israel back.
Israel would also want the support of the US administration and it could cause
tension. It could cause oil prices to increase and cause a world recession. There are
many implications. They may just talk about bombing to get more leverage in Iran’s
nuclear program.
Gender Roles:
The natural order of things?
Sources of gender roles:
There is a powerful cultural competent to gender inequality, and it is deeply rooted
in how societies see roles. Gender equality is universal. This probably suggests that
there may have a biological or evolutional component to it, but clearly we are no
longer in hunter-gatherer times yet the roles that emerged from that com
Culture (global patriarchy: gender differentiation and oppression is a global
Yes, it is found everywhere, but it changes over time (in suffrage, constitutional
rights, etc.)
Where does that change come from?
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