POLI 227 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Sweatshop, Food Bank, Structural Adjustment

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27 Jul 2016
Conflicting Development Approaches 18:38
SJC: Canadian organization based in montreal- since 1975. Started out as a
couple of people in their basement, who began to hire a small staff and it
grew over a period of years.
-Engage citizens to build a more socially just world
-One is advocacy program: Meeting world bank and IMF on a weekly basis to
discuss structural development programs and criticize or comment in
constructive ways big problems they have around the world.-
Education program: elementary school till PHD- wide variety of workshops
and content- half given in school, and other half given in other NGO’s like
Oxfam international, amnesty international, food bank kind of organization-
whenever doctors without borders sends doctors abroad they have a training
-center of training for NGO’s who send staff abroad- realm in the NGO
-A lot of internship possibilities- AQC
-elimination of sweatshops- working on a number of sweatshop networks-
community of NGO’s.
Approaches for development- Trends and Tensions:
NGO Setor:
1) development
2) Social work
3) Human rights
-Identify two many groups- Oxfam international, quebec, Canada,
development in peace- most have development in their name
-Human rights organizations: influence development organizations,
agencies or government in regards to development
-Both working on development with a different level.
-3rd category: Social work- children care international in south east asia,
Africa, india- raid places where kids are being prostituted and kidnap them
back- kind of human rights/ teen- doing social work with street kids
-in the middle of development and human rights- doing both, acute sense of
human rights- most have been victims/ important actor is
development:10,000 organizations worldwide that do it.
Development types:
-Economic- mostly if you hear the world bank, or Oxfam- it usually implies
-Has diff. meaning
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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